05 Oct 2018

Virginia's Proposed Regulations for Linking with the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative: Complexity, Innovation, and a Few Cautions

States: Virginia,
Resource Type: Policy Brief

Adoption Year: 2018
Abstract: Virginia, and its governors in particular, deserve credit for taking on the complex issue of beginning to regulate carbon emissions from the power sector and other parts of the state economy. They have adopted an innovative approach based on a consignment method to accomplish these objectives. The approach has the consequence of added administrative complexity as compared to simpler models used in other states. Discussed here is the consignment method, its complexities, and an offering of a few cautions.
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27 Nov 2017

Energy Commission Investigation Regarding the State of Puerto Rico's Electric System after Hurricane Maria

States: National,
Resource Type: Comments

Adoption Year: 2017
Abstract: The tragic weather events that destroyed so much of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico’s electricity infrastructure have sent a strong message about the brittle nature of central stationdominated electricity systems. The most important challenge facing the Commission is whether it will honor the grim lessons of recent hurricanes with actions to reduce the consequences of future severe weather events that are certain to follow.
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