Karl Rabago

12 Oct 2018

NESEMC Technical Report

Topics: Solar,

States: Northeast,
Resource Type: Report

Adoption Year: 2018
Abstract: The Northeast Solar Energy Market Coalition was a unique coalition of state-level solar business association organized to bring a regional emphasis to solar market development in the Northeast. The focus of the Coalition’s work was (1) to comprehensively map, monitor, and report solar market conditions and developments in the Northeast through the establishment and updating of a website, nesemc.com; (2) to track and provide support as requested on solar-related projects, demonstrations, and other initiatives in the region; (3) to develop and engage with Coalition members and key solar market stakeholders through an outreach and education program centered on the market development topics of highest priority to members; and (4) to develop t...
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05 Oct 2018

Virginia's Proposed Regulations for Linking with the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative: Complexity, Innovation, and a Few Cautions

States: Virginia,
Resource Type: Policy Brief

Adoption Year: 2018
Abstract: Virginia, and its governors in particular, deserve credit for taking on the complex issue of beginning to regulate carbon emissions from the power sector and other parts of the state economy. They have adopted an innovative approach based on a consignment method to accomplish these objectives. The approach has the consequence of added administrative complexity as compared to simpler models used in other states. Discussed here is the consignment method, its complexities, and an offering of a few cautions.
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