Karl Rabago

NESEMC Technical Report

The Northeast Solar Energy Market Coalition was a unique coalition of state-level solar business association organized to bring a regional emphasis to solar market development in the Northeast. The focus of the Coalition’s work was (1) to comprehensively map, monitor, and report solar market conditions and developments in the Northeast through the establishment and updating of a website, nesemc.com; (2) to track and provide support as requested on solar-related projects, demonstrations, and other initiatives in the region; (3) to develop and engage with Coalition members and key solar market stakeholders through an outreach and education program centered on the market development topics of highest priority to members; and (4) to develop the foundation for continuation of the Coalition as a self-sustaining regional organization. The Coalition was successful in demonstrating the value and effectiveness of organizing solar businesses around common regional issues relating to solar market development. Please see our website www.nesemc.com to learn more.

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