Richard Ottinger, Karl Rábago​, Staff, Interns

UNEP Guide For Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Laws

The UN Guide to Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Laws is written to assist the many countries, communities, and companies responding with proposed sustainable energy initiatives to meet their commitments under the Paris Climate Change Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Published by the United Nations Environment Program, it is written in response to needs expressed by energy efficiency and renewable energy project initiators, government officials, energy managers, developers, funders, and particularly developing country energy legal draftsmen, asking for assistance in drafting needed legislation. The Guide uniquely describes the laws applicable to every kind of efficiency and renewable energy measure, and those to prevent failures and fraud. It includes case studies evaluating the laws from several developing countries and a CDC providing the full text of laws adopted by many others. The Center's Richard Ottinger served as Editor-in-Chief, Karl R. Rábago served as an editor, and multiple former staff members and student researchers contributed to the Guide.

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