Pace Energy and Climate Center, Columbia University’s Sabin Center for Climate Change Law, Environmental Advocates of New York, The Sierra Club, and The Vermont Energy Investment Corporation

REV Track 1 Straw Proposal Comments

This document revisits and builds upon many of the points raised in a filing submitted on July 18, 2014, by a similar coalition of national and state-based environmental groups, clean energy companies, two academic centers, and one of New York’s leading consumer groups. The Clean Energy Advocates support many aspects of the Proposal. The Proposal describes an ambitious vision that can transform New York’s electricity infrastructure. It encourages the greater deployment of distributed energy resources. The Proposal provides much needed detail about the implementation of REV. It recommends the development of new planning tools and recommends launching several new stakeholder processes. The Clean Energy Advocates are pleased to see significant evolution from the April Staff Report. REV will be unfolding in New York for years to come. Its scope is ambitious. With careful planning and thoughtful execution, its rewards could be immense.

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