Guidebook for Small Combined Heat and Power Systems Seeking to Obtain Emissions Reduction Credits in New York State

States: New York,
Resource Type: Report

Adoption Year: 2006
Abstract: Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is typically more efficient than the separate generation of electricity in a central power plant and production of heat in an on-site boiler. This improved efficiency can result in a reduction of air pollutant emissions. CHP projects with significant reductions in emissions are eligible to participate in the NYSDEC emission reduction credit (ERC) program. Facilities certifying ERCs can trade them, thereby improving the financial benefit of installing CHP. This guidebook is intended to assist facility managers with quantifying emissions reduction credits. An additional report, “Emissions Allowance Market Opportunities for Small Scale CHP Projects,” (NYSERDA Report #06-04) evaluates how allowance-based regula...
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